Rumour Has It Magyk Flows Within The Nile


September 23, 2017

Gideon was the start of our Aussie journey. He has been my significant other’s sidekick ever since he was a baby. He loves all manor of people and we always joke that he is the wind as when he runs and jumps, he looks to be flying. He’s an all around great boy and we expect great things from him! He will stick to you like glue and we do expect him to pass this trait onto his puppies.

Kennel: Rumour Has It Aussies

Registered with ASDR / ASA


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M Locus [m/M] - Merle 268bp [Tilia Labs]
S Locus [S/S] - Non white spotting/piebald
D Locus [Dilute] - No Result
B Locus [B/b] - Carries Brown
A Locus at/at - Tricolor, black/tan
A[s] Locus N/As - Saddle tan/creeping tan [non saddle tan carrier]
T Locus [t/t] - Non Natural Bob Tail
E Locus E/E - Black
E[h] Locus [N/N] - Non Sable
E[m] Locus [Em/N] - Carries Melanistic Mask
K Locus [ky/ky] - Agouti Expression Allowed


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